Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vital signs returning to normal...

Apologies for massively furious vent.
Work is seriously shitful right now though.
After my little tantrum I spoke to my colleague about it and it turns out everyone (there's 4 of us) is feeling the same.
So i called a crisis meeting and now we're working on a problem/solution list to compile and take to the boss.

My boss is basically a 5 year old running a company. If she sees something shiny, then that's the new priority for her. Which means a fuck tonne of work then gets passed down onto me and my colleagues to 'sort out'. She has no people management skills and every time an issue is raised by myself or someone else, she turns the conversation into one about some new project she has in the works- the adult equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going "LALALALALA"
I feel like I'm screaming at a brick wall most of the time. Especially when she insists she has the final say on everything anyone does, yet is only in the office fleetingly, maybe for a total of 12 hours a week.
It's a nightmare.
But anyways, something constructive is coming from it as we're all compiling a list of issues and proposed solutions which will hopefully bring about some change.
I say hopefully as I have been through this exact process 3 times in 15 months here and nothing has changed apart from half the staff quitting. Oh and they haven't been replaced so what used to be 8 is now 4.
Whew.... Life can suck balls sometimes.
Oh well, this time next week I'll be boarding through knee deep powder in Italy.
Hells yeah!

PS: Actually, considering I'm a world away from my home, have the opportunity to do things like go snowboarding in Italy and get to curl up in bed at night with the coolest girl ever, my life isn't all that bad. High fives to life!


Mars said...

nothing worse than a moronic boss... and it REALLY shits me to think that they earn like twice as much just for being their moronic selves!!!

jiminycricket said...

I KNOW! My boss spend all her time in meetings making more and more work for us fools in the office.
So she does all the fun stuff, gets paid buckets for it and I basically get paid in leftover cat food for busting my ass every day.
Oh well, not for long... That's what I keep telling myself.

Fever Dog said...

My board goes unused for another year and there's no sleepy girl to wrap me in her loving arms...Maybe I should move across the world?

non-Blondie said...

I am the coolest girl ever, true story.

You're still on the couch though. Sorry. Transparent grovelling loses brownie points.

jiminycricket said...

FD: MM... Don't move or your board will go unused forever... I say spend your time in the French/Swiss/Italian alps whenever you can.
Australia has some hills that ocassionally have some light snow flurries and very rarely a sleepy

As for you: Be a sleepy girl and shush. You just lost cool points for transparent annoyance. Zing!
* drags blanket to couch *