Friday, January 4, 2008

Growing up

Hello there chumps and chumpettes.
It's Friday afternoon here in gloomy London and I've resigned to the fact I'm probably not going to do any more work today.
In place of doing actual work, I've been thinking.
With the flurry of New Year's Resolution posts, I got thinking about what i'm doing, where I'm going and all those nonsense existential things. I'm not going to make claims about what I'm going to achieve in 2008, instead I'm going to start a succession of posts which document some of the interesting times which have bought me to where I am now. Maybe after this exercise I'll have a greater understanding of where to go from this point in my life.

So where to start...

My earliest memory is being on holidays in Queensland and walking around in the hull of a shipwreck on Fraser Island.

I think this is it? Is this still there? Does anyone know anything about it or was it a figment of my underdeveloped 3yr old imagination?

From there, I just remember a heap of things happening and I can't really put them into any kind of accurate timeline, so for a few posts, I'll just give you a snapshot of a moment in the life of a more innocent, optimistic and more enthusiastic jiminycricket.

So it begins.

*Cue next post*

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