Friday, January 18, 2008

New and Improved. Now with 20 percent more awesome in every bite!

It's a good day!
I made my mind up last night that from today, I'm going to make a conscious effort to be more cheerful and not be so negative about things. I'm also not going to be as sensitive to little things that usually piss me off and get me mad and I'm generally going to try to be more fun to be around. Like I used to be. Before I became a scrooge.
So I'm thinking positive!
And everything's sweet. Just talked myself into a new job at work. Convinced our Chief Executive the best way to market our new stuff is through a blog, which is going to be super cool to set up and run, due to the sector i'm working in. So that makes me happy.
It's also Friday which is good news.

The only downside for me at the moment is that I'm having more pants issues, in that my blue jeans, which were also suffering from a faulty zip have also now become crotchless with a sizable hole in the err... crotchal region.
Luckily you can't see the hole normally but I'm going to have to be careful to mind my manners on the tube and keep my knees together.
But it's going to take more than that to shake my new found high spirits. Although I still reserve the right to hate on people that walk diagonally or that tow around stupid wheelie bag things.
If I become one of those obscenely happy people that reply to everything with "Oh, wow! That's so awesome!" or "Totally amazing" or "Good on you!", then you have my explicit consent to backhand me into a healthier state of cynicism and apathy.
Also, if you're on the tube tonight and can see a guy's boxers through a hole in his jeans, politely let him know as you could be saving me heaps of embarrassment.


Mars said...

i was on the tube tonight and i saw a dude wearing a black suit, 'white' shirt and a black and red stripey tie with BROWN shoes.

frankly, i'd find your boxers less offensive than those brown shoes with that black suit.

boom tish.

jiminycricket said...

Haha, that's horrible mars. I think i feel better about my pant-hole now.
The err... ensemble you described is almost as bad as the guy I had a meeting with yesterday who had a navy blue suit jacket with black pants and a royal blue monogrammed shirt. Because nothing says 'Important' like having your initials on your shirt. Maybe his wife has similar tastes though and it was the only way to tell separate their wardrobe?

Nice boom tish by the way. I appreciate a good boom tish.

Mars said...


...for good measure.

jiminycricket said...