Monday, January 28, 2008

Phone-y Business

Another normal day at work chasing people for this and that, organising something or other, managing a new project and occasionally answering the phone trying to help people out.
And then I get a phone call.

jiminycricket: Good morning, Place of Work, jiminy speaking. (Yes I have good phone etiquette, you plebes should try it out some time.)

random phoner-innerer: Hi

jc: Hi. What can I do for you?

rp-i: I would like to speak to *mumble mumble mumble*

jc: Ah, sorry who were you after?

rp-i: Bai Long Tong

jc: I'm really sorry I don't think anyone by that name works here, what was the name again?

rp-i: Bai... Long... Tong... last name Tong, T... O...

jc: Yes, I understand. We don't have anyone here by that name, was it something I could help you with? What was it regarding?

rp-i: Nothing. It's personal.

jc: Ah ok....

rp-i: *hangs up*

Bai Long Tong!
Haha.. I though that was what you did at the homewares store when you needed utensils to cook something on a really big fire.
Or perhaps I misheard and he said Buy Long Dong. In which case I'm freaked out as it looks like spam has now made the jump to telephony. I'm perfectly happy with my dong thank you sir. I would not care to upgrade. Next they'll be calling and offering me cheap poor quality replica watches: Bai Rong Klok?
Then i wondered if maybe I was having a prank played on me. I mean come on... Bai Long Tong??

Later on today i received another call. This time to my mobile from a number I didn't recognise.
I answered it and it's some guy from some company who found my CV on monster (which was put up in April 2007 and hasn't been touched since).
He offered me a job working in strategy for their Point Of Sale division.
Which is based in Rome.
What the hell? Rome! Me! Work! Strategy!
I had to decline as I'm kinda locked into my current work and I don't really want to uproot from London now that non-Blondie and I are are sorting out all our travel budgets and finding a new house and everything else.
So it's nice to be able to say I was offered a job in Rome, but nicer to say I've got an awesome girlfriend that i can travel all of Europe with very shortly.
(That has to be worth at least 10 brownie points, doesn't it?)


non-Blondie said...

nah, you can go overseas to work at any time. ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAVENT LEFT ME ALONE FOR 4 MONTHS BEFORE!

jiminycricket said...

Awww... I'm sorry.
Is this another couch-able offence?
Oh by the way, you seem to have had a Capsident™.

Fever Dog said...

From your comments, it looks like you'll need more brownie points than that.

You should call back the employer and ask to speak to Bai Long Tong. It's like a virus.

jiminycricket said...

hahahahaha... That's awesome. I'm a phone-bot now.
And I always need more brownie points... It's good to have some saved away for a rainy day*

* By rainy day I mean a day where I've been particularly annoying.