Monday, January 21, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Funny.

- Silom Village out in Ealing. Tasty, good value Thai. Almost as good as home.
- Sunday sleeps on the couch.
- Running madly through crowds of people at Aldgate East, up one set of stairs and down another and making my train just as the door closed. Awesome
- The Girl's passionfruit and cream spongecake. Yum. Also her chicken with a red pepper sauce.

- Drunken crack fights on the bus on the way home from Ealing. Crazy Racist Irish Old Man fighting with Council Estate Mums. Surprisingly, Council Estate Mums showed a reasonable amount of restraint and managed to be the bigger people. Although there was some profanity screamed over the head of sleeping baby, they still came out the moral winners in my books.
- Having a couple of drinks and deciding it a good idea to buy 49p cherry wine from the bargain clearance bin at the supermarket. Anyone for robitussin flavoured alcohol? Gross.

- Guy on the train thinking he's super cool in his suave suit, cufflinks and wanker bleach-stripe hair do. All his efforts to exude an aura of cool were undone by the song playing through his headphones- TLC's 'Waterfalls'. I'm sure he would have argued that it was actually a Jacques Lu Cont white label mix, but I know it wasn't. Not so cool now Mr Suity Man. Ha. I bet he sings into his hair straightener of a morning.
- The story in this morning's Metro about Ronnie Campbell, the MP who was supporting National Fetish Week.
He even commented: 'I must have a thousand [fetishes] but, hand on my heart, I couldn't tell which is the most important one. Probably the horses.'
Later on he retracted all statements and withdrew his support for National Fetish Week. Apparently there was a misunderstanding as to the MP's definition of fetish. I think he's probably just a bit embarrassed by the publicity he's getting over his pony love.

Anyone else have any goods/bads/funnies/horse fetishes?


Fever Dog said...

Ohh man, I am sat here laughing and grinning like an idiot about Ronnie Campbell -- he has a horsey fetish! I bet he likes wearing leather hoof mitts and being ridden around the living room. Jeez that's pretty damn funny.

jiminycricket said...

lol... That's awesome.
Have you seen an image of him? He would look funny as hell dressed as a horse.
Mind you, he'd need to find the right man/woman with a jockey fetish to mount him.

Fever Dog said...

You're right, having seen his picture the story is even funnier. I am sure he could place an ad in the right sort of newspaper and have no shortage of correspondents wanting to ride him like a pony.

jiminycricket said...

It's just all so wrong.
The soundtrack to this horrible scene would have to be 'Camptown Races'
And at the end of it all, when Ronnie is all hobbled and unable to move he could be shipped off to be made into glue. Everyone's a winner!