Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm trying to decide on which blogging platform to use for previously mentioned work blog...
I'm very familiar with blogger and feel comfortable with it, but I'm not sure it looks professional enough. And not being particularly well versed in CSS, I'd be using a standard template with a custom header for the time being.
Aside from templates and what not, blogger seems to do everything I need to do: supports third party code, embeds media, and is flexible enough to allow things like Post Pages etc.

The other option I'm considering is WordPress.
The templates seem cleaner and less obviously branded than blogger templates which I like as it makes the blog look a little more independent and professional, which it needs to be.
The cons to this is that I don't have any real working knowledge in WordPress, (although i'm sure I can pick it up without any dramas) and that i'm not sure it supports some third party codes, especially any java in the template (sitemeter java code for example). Am i right that WordPress does have built in stats based on Google Analytics?
What's it like usability wise?
I don't want to create my own template yet and want to keep things simple initially so I can show the boss how effective the concept is before getting into nitty gritty template changes, so...
Nerds unite!!!
And provide me with some guidance, please!?


kiki said...

blogger shits on wordpress

Mars said...

wordpress is quite good, cause for $15 you can buy a .com which links directly to your wordpress blog... which is better than blogger if it's something professional you're trying to do.

jiminycricket said...

Well, I (mis)spent most of work today fiddling around with Wordpress.
And you're right kiki, blogger does shit on wordpress. Especially when it comes to editing your layout and things like that. I really love blogger, hence why i use it for me-time.
Wordpress is ungainly, frustrating and clunky but the templates are very neat and clean and look professional enough to use for work.
After reading your comment mars, I checked out what blogger offers in terms of using a custom domain and apparently you can buy the domain through blogger and have the blog sit on that domain... So now I'm torn...
I might fiddle with blogger a bit longer and see if i can come up with a nice look.

Thanks guys!

Andrew said...

People who care about a bit of internet style seem to be very pro wordpress. I had a look once and I was impressed but I don't want to have to learn another way of blogging.

jiminycricket said...

I'm thinking along the same lines Andrew. Wordpress looks nice but I'm really comfortable in blogger. I'm hoping the content I'm pulling together will compensate for a slightly rougher design if I do go with blogger.