Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Facelift, mofos!

I was sick of the black and white tube power cable photo in my header. It was too bland and boring.
I mean we're in the age of Web 2.0 aren't we?
I should have a plethora of shiny glossy buttons and loads of gradients and some kind of nifty widget in my sidebar that lets you book your holidays through your social network contacts whilst sms-ing your travel details and Flickr photostreams to your friends and family who can then use the included link to view the Youtube video of you dancing to your favourite Pandora station with your Myspace friends? I should have this! WHY DON'T I HAVE THIS!?!

Ah, where was I... Oh yes.. the photo
Compositionally, it was sheer brilliance and university professors around the world often emailed me to ask if they could use it in their textbooks.
I said no, go take your own pictures. They left me offerings of incense and small children and solemnly returned from whence the they came.
Ok, that's all lies. My photography isn't anything special at all. But at least this new shot isn't completely monotone.

I might post some other photos sometime soon too... Pictures make things pretty and I admit, the white and blue on black isn't the most engaging theme for my blog.
Until I wake up one morning and realise I have gained the magical skill of template production, I shall stick to adding pictures.

In other news:
Owing to a higher-than-usual influx of enquiries, non-blondie and I are working on a super secret awesome project, soon to be completed. We apologise for any interruptions to your service, but assure you its going to be vaguely interesting
But it shall be revealed soon...
Hold your breath! I dares ya!


Fever Dog said...

I respectfully disagree. I do think your photography is something special -- I'm not just smoking blow up your ass here, you've got talent. As soon as I clicked onto your blog this evening I smiled at what a cool picture that is.

Out of interest, does it bug you as well that the London skyline seems to exist almost entirely of cranes?

Amanda said...

I agree with Mr Photographer up there ^^, I think the photo is something special, I noticed it straight away, and like it.

I think cranes and city skylines are pretty much part and parcel these days- Perth is the same, and that's only a little city.

Also, reading all the posts that I've missed over the last few days has made me laugh so hard. It's good.

jiminycricket said...

FD: Aww shucks... Thanks man. That's a massive comment coming from you- Your stuff on etsy is super cool.
Re cranes: They used to frustrate me, but now I think they can really make some shots look quite interesting and like Amanda says, these days they're a part of almost every city. I want to do some long exposures of some cranes working at dusk. Just need to find the time/location.
The biggest annoyance for me is scaffolding. The amount of time it spends stuck to the side of a beautiful building 'maintaining the appearance' is usually longer than the period the building is scaffold-free before they come back to do more maintenance.

Amanda: geez...You guys are too nice...
All the skylines back in Aus seems like big metropolis' (metropoli?) because there's skyscrapers in all the cities. I love it.
London just doesn't feel as, i dunno... something...
I'm glad you're enjoying my nonsense! PS: Where is your blog/s at?

Fever Dog said...

I'm flattered you think my work is cool, since when I saw your picture I thought "I wish I was that talented"

jiminycricket said...

Bah! Your stuff is great. I think you're being overly critical of yourself Mr jay Sir. I love the image of the Cyclone rollercoaster... I could totally have that on my wall. I'm thinking when I get back to Aus and we're looking for stuff to put on my walls I may just hit up your etsy store.

Boy on a bike said...

Oh, fucking hell JC - now I'll have to fiddle with my blog photo, and I'm retarded with the camera.

jiminycricket said...

BoaB: Your photo's good! You don't need to fiddle!