Thursday, February 21, 2008


Since when is calling someone you've just got off the phone to 'Cockface' deemed to be inappropriate for work?



Gnugs said...

It's better than

"...Thanks a lot! Yep, you too!" then hang up the phone and shout: "YOU ASS-BAG!"

(It is doubly worse to be at the front desk with 20+ conference attendees waiting around for me to call them all cabs.)

Needless to say, I approve.

jiminycricket said...

Haha... That's awesome. High fives for inappropriateness and extra high fives for doing it on front of others!

kiki said...

you should come to my work

you'd get laughed at for using such a 'gay' word as cockface
one of the most common sayings in this office is "fucking cunt(s)"

just me said...

cockface is a great word.

cockblock is ever better.

Amanda said...

Hehe, no one has a sense of humour anymore.

Fever Dog said...

How strange that someone could find it inappropriate -- you should use it more often, to show everyone else how uptight they all are

Technodoll said...

he he. or use "ballsack" next time for variety.

Mars said...

i prefer ass-hat... shit-brick is also a favourite. and ol' faithful; bitchface.

Anonymous said...

that's a good one - my friend has a similiar odd one - calling someone a "bag of dicks."

you don't want to be a bag of dicks.

Fever Dog said...

survivingmyself: I misread that as "bag of ducks". Totally different insult.

Dune said...

Proof that the world has no sense of humour anymore!

jiminycricket said...

Kiki: Where do you work? Is there any jobs going?

Just me: Cock block! Ha! Added that to the insult bank.

Amamnda: I know.. People are the lamest.

FD: Yeah, I think the brute force approach would work. Just bombard them with obscenities until they lighten up.

technodoll: Ballsack is already on high rotation!

Mars: Yes, but you're a foul mouthed hussy! Also, I'm going give shit-brick a run and see how it goes. Also 'No talent ass clown' rates highly.

Survivingmyself: Yeah, that's awesome. A Wilhelm Scream has a song called 'The kids can eat a bag of dicks.' Ever since I read that, I fell in love with 'Bag of dicks'... Wait...that sounds ungood.

FD: you're such a bag of dicks. Learn to read. 'A bag of ducks' is a quacker of an insult though...

Dune: I know... They all suck. Either that or I've got the worst sense of humour ever. Hmm...

Kiala said...

I've always liked DickCock.

Or Fucko.

Fucko's really better in a car for some reason, like "The light's green Fucko!"

Swearing is fun.

Anonymous said...

At the moment it's the first week of semester.

I do timetabling.

They're all fuckheads when I get off the phone.



jiminycricket said...

Kiala: Fucko has also been added to my list. Wow... I've learnt so much from all these comments.

kae: Timetabling is no fun at all... I've just finished doing some and it elicited a number of 'fuckheads!' from me too.