Thursday, February 7, 2008

Absolutely shattered...

Guess who wins fuckwit of the week award?
It's me.
Fuckwit of the year actually.

I'm the guy that plans to take his girlfriend away for a few days skiing/snowboarding in Italy. I'm also the guy that gets up at 5.30am this morning, makes sure he has all his gear packed before heading out to airport.
Then I'm the guy that puts his girlfriend on a plane by herself because he FORGOT TO TAKE HIS FUCKING PASSPORT.
That's right. I'm that stupid.
So angry....
We got to Gatwick, Non Blondie grabbed her passport out of her bag, I see her do this and my stomach leaps into my mouth.
"Got your passport?" She asked.
"FUCK!!" I'm panicking.
"You're kidding aren't you? You can't be serious?"
"No, not kidding. Fuck it."

Cue much swearing, mad rushing and trying to shift flights, but there's no time so put The Girl on a plane and then proceed with much discussion with lady at Easyjet desk.
Apparently the only other flight to Milan today is full, so my only option is the flight tomorrow morning at 6.50am. But the only transfer I can get from the airport to the resort is at 3pm, meaning I don't arrive at the hotel until 5pm tomorrow afternoon.
We've changed our flights so we can stay for an extra day and night, but fucking hell....
This could have been avoided if I hadn't been so fucking stupid.
I don't think I've ever been as angry and disappointed with myself...
I had plans of taking her out skiing, plans of seeing her smile as she walked through the snow and plans of a nice, peaceful few days of fun.
But I go and blow it by being so disorganised.
Now I have to get up at 3.30am to get a nightbus at 4 which will get me to Victoria station in time to get a train to Gatwick in time for check-in. Hopefully.
While I sit here fuming at my idiocy, The Girl is having dinner by herself somewhere in Italy.
I am making a mental note of how gutted I am over this, so as it never happens again.
Sometimes, I could just punch me.
Anyways, hopefully this time tomorrow night I'll actually be in Italy with The Girl and laughing about all this.

Anyone want tips on how to sabotage a relationship/holiday? Give me a yell....

I guess this is what I get for gloating, hey Jay?

I'm going to bed... Long day tomorrow...


Fever Dog said...

Please, don't be so hard on yourself. Yeah, ok, it's pretty silly -- but you will appreciate both the Girl and Italy so much more when you eventually arrive. You have had so much going on and so much to organise something had to give.

But it's not like you have ruined everything. It isn't like The Girl had to miss her flight too, it isn't like you aren't going at all. You'll just be a day behind, and tomorrow night you can sit together, look out over the clouds, and be glad you made it.

Andrew said...

Two responses of mine to your blog comment on my blog.

Not my favourite area Jiminy. Are you blogging from Italian Alps?

Ah, I see. You are still in London because you forgot your passport. Never mind. You will laugh later.....maybe.

Mars said...

what else can you say..?


Boy on a bike said...

Ooooo, that's nasty.

The worst I can say I've done is to turn up at 10am for a 10pm flight.

Although I have also gone to a counter for Ansett when flying Qantas. And turned up at the airport on the wrong day.

It's stupid things like thinking about leaving your passport behind that make me sweat before I travel.

Dune said...

Mother f--ker!

Clearly this is not your fault. This is the fault of a united Europe that's STILL insisting on passports... stupid Europe.

You're a man before your time - first, it's one currency; next, it will be one nation. You just took your trip 20 years too early!

jiminycricket said...

FD: You were right. You're so wise. It all sorted out... And If I had to go there again tomorrow, knowing I was going to screw it all up the way i did, I'd do it because it was just so awesome that it was completely worth all the hassle.

Andrew: Ha! No, I wasn't blogging from the Italian alps... And yes, I can already laugh about it.

Mars: Oh, I said a shitload of things. Things that Hitler would find offensive. Generally though, they were all based around oops.

BoaB: I always get that sweat as I'm about to travel, but usually it's like "Shit, where's my wallet? Oh here it is in my pocket..."
This time though, I nearly vomited with shock... I will always check everything now before I travel. EVERYTHING!

Dune: That's the best ever spin on this. Clearly I am a man before my time. One that accepts all nationalities as equal and sees no need to divide them into petulant categories like 'countries'. I'm all about the uniting.

Fever Dog said...

I'm so wise. I'm like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair...

Amanda said...

Holy shit, how did I manage to miss this for an entire weekend?

That sucks. I'm always paranoid I'll do something like that, I'm going to assume that you've used up all the Blogger Travel Bad Luck, and the rest of us will be fine from here on in. Glad it all seemed to work out ok in the end.

Perhaps the Girl should nominate you for Twat of the Week?

non-Blondie said...

hahaha I second Amandas suggestion!

jiminycricket said...

Amanda: yeah, I totally took one for the team. And I think i win twat of the week award hands down...

Girlfriend: Pipe down you! Also, yes... It would be a fair nomination.

jiminycricket said...

FD: I almost left you out man! I totally thought the same thing when i typed it out. Hehe.