Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Pictures

As I'm lacking in words/brainpower at the moment, I'm posting some pictures instead. Words/brainpower expected to come back some time this afternoon hopefully.

In the meantime, here's some photos from my travels thus far.

Sunny days in Czech Republic. And some guy with a cross. Religion is a popular pastime for everyone there. Except statues, they don't do a whole lot. Posers.

The Girl partially obscuring a sunset. The alternative title for this was 'Sun? In England! Quick, grab the camera and take a fucking photo!' Or it could be called 'The Water's Blue, You're Just Colourblind, You Dumbshit.'

The trumpeteer. He also plays saxaphone.

Remnants of ads in the underground. One bit looks like it's part of an old ad for Giant Strangle Hands™

Waterfall. Splash. Or a humourous cut scene to represent a moneyshot in an old movie which would have been preceded by a train going into a tunnel, a rocket taking off and possibly a bottle of champagne being opened.

The excitement of Liverpool St station. It's usually busier than this. Maybe everyone ran away because the building appears to be being held up by pick-up-sticks.

More statues in Czech Republic. Statues are like Jesus to them. Wait, the statues are Jesus? Oh, it's all starting to make sense now.

London. From Southbank at night. Through a foggy lens. Crap.

Everyone's favourite holiday: Sit On An Orange Bench With A Stranger Near A Fuck-Off Spiky Green Bush Day

More with the silhouettes and the contrails. At least there's no statues though. Bet you're relieved.

The whimsical land of The Carnies. PS: It's not Frankston. It's a fair. I even got through this night without being pickpocketed, acquiring a giant panda or winning a shitty prize. What is it with Carnie prizes though? Yes, I got some balls to go in some hoop or something, it was damn hard and all you're giving me is a shitty lunch box from some cartoon that hasn't been on tv since 1995? Fuck you and your Captain Planet lunch box.

A study in cement. LAX is a boring, boring place. Especially when all you want is a fucking sandwich and no one sells food unless you count the beggar who'll give you some gum for a tenner. Which i don't.

Hoisin, bitches!

Most. Boring. Job. Ever. Since when do straps go above your chin? Is that even practical? I say no. I didn't tell him this though as he had a knife on a gun. That's the weapon combination I always choose to not fuck with.

Because everyone associates lions with water. Tie your boat up to a lion holding a ring in its mouth! Poor lion, all green and trapped in a giant brick with nothing to eat except a big circle.

Canary Wharf. On weekdays, home to a specific group of wankers called 'analysts' or 'brokers'. On weekends, home to sweet fuck all, apart from this here bridge and some seagulls. And maybe even some pigeons with arms

Fireworks. Or another cut scene representing some kind of sexual occurrence.

In London this is called an 'adequate measure' when combating a boring street-scape. Blue chairs. Wow. Inspiring. "Hey what you wanna do today? We should totally go down by the river and sit on a blue chair! How awesome would that be?... What do you mean 'no, you're a loser'? "

Don't be alarmed. It's just an installation I saw once. How alarming... No? Umm.. ... Err... They weren't real alarms- it was a collage, so i guess you could call them false alarms?
I don't know any more alarm puns. Ooh, wait: The gallery was such a rip off, we had to pay alarm and a leg to get in.
That is all.

An abandoned mill in a place I used to live. It's pretty abandoned. Is abandoning an antonym of bandoning? For example, 'you can tell it's empty by the lack of people bandoning the area'.

That's it. I have nothing else at the moment.


Robbie said...

Hey, they're some really good shots. All your colours are really vivid. What kind of camera are you using?

Anonymous said...

I love your comments to the pictures!
And my fave is the duck!

Gnugs said...

Beautiful! Thank you for inspiring my morning, and making me want to go back to Prague.

How hard is it to learn Czech?

Anonymous said...

the only thing worse than a knife on a gun is a gun on a knife. I think Rambo had one of those.

Pretty awesome.

Technodoll said...

Mother of god you're funny - quit that! My sides hurt! plus your photos rock even if i was laughing so hard it was difficult to love them more. :-D

jiminycricket said...

Robbie: Thanks man. I use a Canon S3 IS which in my opinion is an awesome camera if you want heaps of flexibility but don't wanna shell out for/cart around a DSLR. I think the vivid colours are thanks to some fiddling with in iPhoto. Makes a massive difference.

pjb: Cheers! It was a cool duck too.

gnugs: aww shucks... Prague is awesome hey. And yeah, Czech is super hard to learn! We stumbled through the entire trip but managed to get everything we wanted which was lucky. Miming played a big part in proceedings.

sm: lol... Very true. I wouldn't mess with Rambo either. Well not the original one, but maybe the latest release one. I think I could take a 62 year old... Knife-gun or no knife-gun.

td: Glad I could injure you! Also, thanks! I'm super envious of your shots.

wellhmmyep said...

refreshing pictures...I wish I were in your shoes, instead of being stuck in a semi-sized cubicle in a building by the lake in a city where the normal temp around this time is -13

jiminycricket said...

wellhmmyep: Aww... Cubiclosis sucks. At least you can go skating right?

Amanda said...

Your photos are awesome. I really want to be able to take photos like that.. maybe I should have bought a better camera, although I really like mine. Now I want to go to Prague even more... as if I wasn't desperate already.

Fever Dog said...

I particularly love the abandoned mill shots, and the silhouettes -- simple but striking!

Mars said...

awesome photos... you must have a shit-hot camera.

jiminycricket said...

Amanda: Yes, go to Prague. Do it now. I don't think it's the camera though, its the fiddling with in iPhoto that makes them look decent! That's not cheating is it?

FD: Thanks man... They're much the same as me- simple yet striking. Ha.. I'm lame-sauce.

Mars: My camera is actually hotter than shit. That's maybe why the lens fogs up... Come to think of it, I should get a colder camera.