Sunday, February 3, 2008

A study on consciousness

Some things really intrigue me. For example, whose job is it to tuck the legs into the asshole of a roasting chicken?
More importantly, I'm intrigued by what goes on when you slip/are slipping into unconsciousness.
I pondered this on the train today as The Girl was starting to nod off on my shoulder.
I was thinking about how nice it feels when you're really really tired and you start to fall asleep.
This reminded me of when I was overseas last year and The Girl was still back at home.
Due to the US to Australia time difference, I had to either get up super early to call her or alternatively set my alarm and get up halfway through the night to make the call.
Which wasn't so bad. I mean, I'd set my alarm for 3am, get up, make a coffee and then lay down by the phone and start dialing.
This was usually fine although occasionally I'd have had a really big day of snowboarding and after an hour or two's worth of talking I'd start nodding off.
Usually this was no problem and I'd be roused by The Girl yelling 'Are you asleep!?' down the phone.
On one occasion though, I was doing the talking and then started to nod off.
Now it wasn't like my voice trailed off, oh no. If only that was the case. What actually happened was much more umm... insane.
There we were chatting about something actual and relevant, when ever so slowly I started to fall asleep and my mind failed to tell my mouth that I was asleep and that I'd started dreaming...
What transpired involved me telling a story which went something like this:
"So I was walking out to the other ski lift and then all of a sudden there were heaps of soldiers. They were falling from the sky so I just walked over and started picking them up off the snow. There was thousands of them falling from the sky. Tiny green toy soldiers with parachutes."
Then I was dragged back to reality by The Girl.
"JIMINY!!! Hey!! What the hell are you talking about?"
"Oh, umm... the soldiers... I had the umm... soldiers..."
Then actually coming to:
"What the hell was I just talking about? Was I talking about toy parachute soldiers?"
The Girl was as bewildered as I was.
Weird stuff. I hope I don't usually talk in my sleep. People would be privy to some crazy goings on...
Although when I was on school camp a friend sleeping on the bunk above me declared loudly "No, I'm not the tooth fairy!"
A few days later he went to hospital as his mum realised he'd been bitten by a spider and they had to drain a huge amount of ooze out of his septic hand.
It would seem spider bite dreams are apparently even crazier than cheese dreams. I don't really wanna test that theory though.


Amanda said...

I sleep walked once, but the thing was I was half awake (a bit hard to explain). I wandered into Mum's room, and nearly started an argument over whether or not she'd cleaned my brother's room, which culminated in her asking why I was awake, to which I replied I needed to go to the toilet- I turned around and walked straight back to bed. Weird, very weird- I remember it, but I had no control over it.

A friend of mine when we were about 13 yelled out "horri blood" in her sleep, that was pretty funny (and slightly creepy).

Fever Dog said...

What's a pog?

Anyway, if I think about the whole losing conciousness thing when I'm trying to go to sleep, it really freaks me out. Tho I do quite love the insane/reality contrast you get when you're drifting off.

Once, when I was living in Utah, I woke up in the night to see a black cloaked figure crossing my bedroom. I freaked out, and by the time I found the bedside lamp switch, they'd gone.

I generally write this off as a very weird reality bleed through effect (a bit like in the David Cronenberg film, eXistenZ, where reality would overlap the game and vice versa).

I hope never to be bitten by a spider. Some British spiders can bite, too, but they're generally just bad tempered.

Fever Dog said...

Also, sometimes I wonder if I sleep walk. For about a week I had scratches on my shoulders that I discovered one morning and no idea where they came from.

Anonymous said...

I've done that. I was in the car the other day and someone asked me if I was listening. I was halfway asleep and my reply was entirely in keeping with the dream I had just started... "yes I can buy that sash for you.."

jiminycricket said...

Amanda: I've done the same thing! Apparently my mum was about to go to bed one night and was putting a log on the fire. When she turned around I was just standing there which scared the shit out of her. She asked what I was doing and I said i had to go to the toilet. Then I just went back to bed. I have no recollection of this though... I sound like a creepy kid out of The Ring or something...

FD: A pog is like a little disc thingy. They were a fad in the early nineties... I'm changing that comment thingy to avoid any further confusion.
That black figure thing is seriously creepy. I semi-woke up one night and could have sworn there was a similar figure glaring down over me from the foot of my bed. I went back to sleep but the next morning I was a little concerned. Also, British spiders are cute and fluffy and I'd hug one if I didn't hate spiders. Does that even make sense?
The scratches on your shoulder are probably from sleep-hugging British spiders.

Dune: Hehe... A sash!? Were you in a dream pageant? Or were you a show-jumper horsey person?

Anonymous said...

Apparently I'm living some kind of subconscious Victorian-period prancy thing happening. Highly disturbing!