Thursday, February 14, 2008

Three reasons why you're able to read this.

K, I've been tagged for a few of memes. I can't do Feverdog's one yet because my camera is being held in lost property at Gatwick Airport, but I suggest everyone else does it. And as soon as I have my camera back I'll do it too because it's a heaps cool meme.

So, to begin with, Mikey tagged me for the following:

The Rules

Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.

A) As some people are content writing for themselves, I prefer to know that I've made someone laugh, or angry or I've evoked some kind of reaction with what I've written. And the people that kick around here are all super awesome and I wouldn't have known them otherwise.

B) Because I'm an angry bastard who gets so pissed off with the current state of people/humanity/society/morality/etc that sometimes a rant is in order and it's better to rant here than it is to rant at my friends who would probably just shrug, sip their beer and go back to clubbing seals or whatever it is they do with their spare time.

C) Because I enjoy twisting words and mangling sentences. And someone apart from Non Blondie needs to be subjected to my bad puns and dad-jokes.

Rule 2) List the rules.

Rule 3) Tag three others with the meme.
Aww man... I hate tagging... So if I tag you, don't feel obligated... I just don't want to fuck with the rules. Feverdog, Dune, Non Blondie, You're it.

Another one in a moment...


Fever Dog said... there were 3 parts, but only actually included doing anything? What a gyp.

On the other hand though, you have good reasons for blogging and I for one am glad you do, cos I enjoy reading your mangled sentences ;)

jiminycricket said...

Yeah... I didn't come up with it!
I'm glad you enjoy my mangled sentences Jay... Sometimes I think they're so mangled that it's just rubbish, but it's good to know someone gets some enjoyment out of it.

Right back at ya, by the way.