Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slugs - An update

There's news on the slug front.

Last night The Girl found a dead slug in the kitchen. It was dried up. It almost looked as if it had been embalmed.
Further research tells me that slug's slime is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water molecules. This leads me to believe that this dried out little slug had been bled dry of his slime, possibly in some kind of ritual.

And then it clicked.

The Predator Slugs had somehow found out that I had discovered their evil plot and in an effort to appease me, they had gathered under a rock and held a ceremony where they sacrificed one of their own in order to avoid the Little Green Pellets Of The Apocalypse.

Predator Slugs, your offering sates me. Keep out of the forbidden sector (the lounge room) and ye shall be spared.


Technodoll said...

You could always fill a small bowl with stale beer and leave that on the floor... slugs can't resist it and poof! all drowned!

Although I could not imagine ever getting near that bowl of dead bloated slugs pickled in beer. It would prolly have to stay on the floor for months.


non-Blondie said...

Technodoll, your idea is awesome. Jiminy, we can totally sacrifice that Carlsberg you are never going to drink to solve the slug issue...and we can leave the bowl of drowned slugs behind as a gift to the new tenants!

Technodoll said...

hehe! rock ON!! :-D

jiminycricket said...

technodoll: Ideas. You has them. I think I could cope with picking them up though, so no probs there.

girlfriend: I will drink that Carlsberg at some stage. It's not for slugs. And the new tenants don't get to have the slugs cleared for them. They need to experience the horrors for themselves.

td: Currently rocking.

Misssy M said...

My snail problem is more of a haunting than an invasion. Six days on from my snail post the cats have brought in seven further massive shells with no snails in. Where are they getting them from? Could they belong to your slugs?

Oh and the beer thing suggested by techno doll works (it is also quite good fun to watch the get drunk)

(Thanks for your visit, btw)

Fever Dog said...

I think they're just trying to lull you into a false sense of security, before launching a sustained attack

jiminycricket said...

missy m: No probs! I hope the shells don't belong to my slugs. I'm hoping my slugs have no kind of armor. Scarier for you though is the thought that if there's empty giant shells, then something must be eating the giant snails... Which basically means you're winessing the beginning of a new food chain which involves giant animals. Scary stuff.

FD: I can assure you, security levels are being maintained at around DEFCON 2.