Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another example of my maturity.

Today on my way home from our new house I drew a dick in the little box in the London Paper that says 'Doodle Here'

Who am I to defy such clear instructions?.


kiki said...

you know, i popped into my university the other day and make a quick stop via the toilets to inspect the graffiti

due to the summer break, all the graff was relating to the election and what-not but someone had written over the top of all of it in a big blue posca


i LOLed

Fever Dog said...

I hate the London Paper (due to my venomous dislike of Murdoch) so I think dick drawings are very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

if i ever come to london, we have to hang out. We are way to alike not to have a good fucking time.

jiminycricket said...

kiki: That's gold! It's worth going into public toilets just to seek out quality graffiti like that. Also, i hear the hygiene levels are amazing.

FD: Yes, if only we could actually draw them on Rupert and his evil spawn.

survivingmyself: Game on man! I hear those aeroplanes fly people to London rather regularly from over your way. Failing that, come to Australia later in the year where you can enjoy hot weather AND heaps of dick jokes.