Thursday, March 6, 2008

Holy shit you guys!

Hey you guys...

I may have been caught out with this at work by the banshee manager herself... (I was on an intense phone call and didn't realise I'd absent mindedly apple-tabbed to my posting page where i'd half written a scathing assault on her mental faculties)

So I'm going to make everything disappear for a couple of days, maybe a week in total... Don't think I've gone for good it's just a safe-measure and if it all pans out ok, I'll bring everything back up in about a week or so, maybe less- If she's onto me, I'm sure I'll find a search for Rage and Biscuits in my stats... Don't search for that just to freak me out, assholes.

Cross your fingers for me. Also tell everyone who matters if they ask where I've gone. not that they will, they'll probably be all like "Ha! Dickhead!" Which is fair enough.

PS: Handy Tip- If this ever happens to anyone else, set your blog to show zero posts on the home page and then remove your archives page element. Unfindable pages! w00t! Meawhile, everything is safe behind the blank home page. Huzzah for panicked problem solving!!

I'm gonna post this and then hide it all, so everyone gets it in their reader and then after that there will be radio silence for about a week.
Peace out hombres.

Hopefully see you soon.

Email me if you have any comments/suggestions/exclamations.


Amanda said...

Clearly I got in before the disappearing act. The other option when you're using blogspot is to change your privacy option to 'invitation only' and then don't hide anyone. Click of one button and you're hidden... that's what I did a few months ago.

Robbie said...

Alright fella, fingers crossed all dies down quickly. No hints from me, but looking at your front page all looks dead.

jiminycricket said...

Hey Amanda, yeah all the pages are still up, so if you click on a link to an actual post, it will still show up and we can all comment and whatnot! Awesome! I'll look into the invitation only business... Hopefully Everything should be back up by Monday!

Robbie: Thanks for the finger-crossing. Hopefully it looks
dead enough to deter any weasels, but rest assured, all shall be back on track shortly...

Gnugs said...

Whew! That was a bit scary. And don't worry. If she has to print out her e-mails, she probably has to sound every word out loud in order to read it. You'd have known if she read your blog. "Ra-a-g-e and bui- biu- biscu-its."