Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't worry, be happy

Sometimes all it takes to make your day is to have a completely insane, muttering Scotsman walk past you, turn around and shout "YOUR HAT! I LIKE YOUR HAT! NICE HAT!!!"

Thanks McDude!
I'd high-five you but I think you have a needle stuck in your fingerless gloves.

Weather Update: Still windy. Still raining. Still cold.

Now I think of it- The whole hat compliment doesn't really make my day. It upsets me. Receiving compliments about your fashion sense from a crazy homeless guy is like having Heath Ledger compliment you on your medication management.

Too soon?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Nah, take the compliment and run.

Dune said...

heh it's been over a month, surely we're way overdue for Heath jokes :)

It was the dead animal hat wasn't it? Accept the compliment graciously, you never know when you'll get another one ;)

Amanda said...

Damnit. I screwed up commenting and now have to type it again.

I would gladly compliment you on a dead animal hat. I have one myself, it's pink and slightly too small for me, since it's a kids' size.

Hats make the world a better place, I'm sure of it.

D'Jen said...


Defs not too soon.

Fever Dog said...

I hope you returned the compliment, and told him how well the Special Brew can suited him and how you admired the sheer determination of wear to make normal gloves fingerless... Anyway, I agree with McDude, I like your hat -- and I'm a man of style and taste.

Technodoll said...

Yes, definitely too soon.

Quit that! or the next hobo will spit on you for bad karma!

Gnugs said...

Best laugh I had all week. How about starting a contest?

jiminycricket said...

le tigre: Running was a definite option when I heard him bellowing

dune: Yes it was that hat. And I'm always open to hat compliments.

Amanda: Comment issues suck. Thanks for making the effort to re-type though. Kids size dead animal hat! hahah. Awesome. The world is officially a better place now.

djen: Yeah, I thought I'd given it at least a month's cooling off-period. So unleash the bad taste jokes!

FD: My nodding smile communicated more than any words could. We shared a moment, me and McDude. And your compliment is appreciated, Mr Style AND Taste.

technodoll: Aww, really? No hobo spit to date, but i'm trying to less things in poor taste, just in case.

gnugs: w00t! What kind of competition? I'll do it. It's a competition-a-thon!