Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh, how sweet.

Upon my entering the unisex toilets at work:

"I'd use the other loo if I was you."

See, the ladies I work with are actually really, really considerate.


Amanda said...

That's really funny!

Dune said...


Graffiti in women's toilets is odd. It can be roughly divided into one of two "types"

1. The lesbian graffiti

2. The girlpower/emotional support graffiti

Actually, I should do a post about this...

Technodoll said...

Toilets are a constant source of entertainment, innit?


Gnugs said...

I think there had been a bad moon rising for the past month when it comes to bathrooms.

I'm sorry. Now pass the bad potty karma on to someone else.

kiki said...

she IS nice!
is she hot too?
or is that too much to ask?

surviving myself said...

those are some nice people.

Mars said...

who IS nice?

and why no post/email in so long?