Friday, April 4, 2008

Don't push me, cos i'm close to the edge.

Just when you thought I couldn't put myself through any more occupation-related pain...

I'm going over to the dark side
I have organised an job interview for Monday afternoon at a call centre. It's an evening and weekend job that pays decent money and it's not commission based and there's no cold calling.
How bad could it be?

Don't look at me like that.
At least it'll make for good stories.

This travel business makes you do crazy things.


Technodoll said...

How bad could it be? I guess we'll all find out... mouahahhahaaa!

(good luck)

Amanda said...

At least you have a definite time period, and if it's what you need to do to fund so much extra travel, then so be it! I think cold calling would be the absolute worst, so at least you haven't fallen *that* low (yet).

Dune said...

How bad could it be? Well, back to timed toilet breaks for a start. And more of that cheap, super-intense, "bonding" techniques like wanky umbrellas and Easter hat competitions. It'll be like you're back in school again only less fun. But, you might be at the point where anything different is better than the current nightmare!

qed said...

I'm tryin' not to lose my head. It's like a jungle sometimes. Makes me wonder how we keep from goin' under.

arimcg said...
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surviving myself said...

I'm not looking at you.

I swear.

Gnugs said...

feel that? yeah. that's me giving you the evil eye.

Fever Dog said...

I worked in a call centre. I would have monthly meetings with my boss where I would tell me I was too polite and too friendly to customers. And as Dune said, don't forget the timed toilet breaks... If you work evenings and weekends from now until you leave, how will us cool people ever get to see you? That's what bothers me right now.

jiminycricket said...

technodoll: Yes you shall find out. prepare for more work-based complaining! Hooray!

amanda: I know... I keep all those things in mind which makes everything easier to cope with. And yes, no cold calling! I am not one of them.

dune: Yeah, I don't mind too much though. It's only for three and a half hours after work on some weekenights, so not a massive inconvenience. I think it is better than my current nightmare. That's sad huh.

qed: Grandmaster Flash reprazent!

survivingmyself: Damn straight you aint boy. It's ok. I'll accept abuse. It's only fair.


FD: Yeah, i think you are too friendly to be a pushy sales jackass. And never fear, I only have tp work for like, 3 hours on a saturday so I still get some time for my homies.