Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So you stand on a chair and close your eyes and we all catch you or whatever.

Yes, it's an 'ice-breaker' activity.
Boy, do I hate those things.
Luckily this is less invasive and patronising. (Hopefully.)
So, cueing a 'Lost'esque flasback, these are the happenings up until now.

- I'm 23, Australian and currently living in London after spending a few months in the US.
- I grew up in a small country town on a large farm. Yep, I had all kinds of pets.
- I finished school and 'studied' science in Melbourne. Until i quit anyways.
- My CV looks like it belongs to a down-on-his-luck vagrant. Farm hand, butcher, supermarket assistant, tree lopper, barista, waiter, ski lift operator, customer servicey person, barman, training coordinator and so on.
- At various points in time I've wanted to be a pilot, an architect, a personal trainer, a sports psychologist, a writer, an artist, a professional footballer (Aussie rules), a film-maker, a photographer, a graphic designer, a real estate agent, a professional slalom waterskiier, a chef and a repeatedly, a millionaire.
- I like writing but of late, the nature of my work has stifled my ability to write anything that doesn't have a sedative effect and as such, I'm hoping I can break free from this tomb of managerial phrasing, boring fact-delivery and unexciting sentence structure.

Which I've done by using bullet points. Dammit.
That's all I've got to say on me for now. I don't want to go on and on.
Err... Too late you say?

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