Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The not-make-happy thing of the day.

What better way to start than with a rant.
As of now, 5.20pm on Tuesday, here's what makes me angee at the moment.

People with stupid bags on wheels.

It seems to only be a London/English thing (call me out if I'm wrong on this) but for fucks sake! How hard is it to pick up a tiny bag and carry it? Oh what? You've had a long day at your desk? Poor diddums. Perhaps you'd like a slap in the face and a day in a coal mine to give you a reality check. Pick it up you effing pansy.
A lady pushed in front of me at Kings Cross station the other day and then tried to cut across the flow of people in front of me. I realised at the last minute she was towing a stupid bag (which is what they will be referred to from herein, but with capitalisation) and rather than try and jump it and stumble all over people who were doing the right thing and carrying their bags, I kicked her Stupid Bag resulting in her crying out and me scowling at her as one does whilst using public transport in London. That goes down as a win to me.
On another occasion, a woman was walking up the stairs in front of me towing her Stupid Bag, but not wanting to have it bang up the stairs and jar her wrist, she decided to pull it up in a zig-zag fashion not only ensuring no one else could get past her up the stairs, but also crashing the bag into my leg. This annoyed me, but then she glared at me and did the 'Hmmph!' put-upon sigh thing.
Usually, this wouldn't be too much of an issue, but i was at critical mass of Stupid Bag encounters and I'd had a shit morning for some reason I've forgotten, and as such had no patience for this wretched women and her insufferable bag. So in no uncertain terms I asked her to 'Pick the fucking bag up', which she obviously didn't expect judging by the way her jaw dropped. She quietly clicked the handle down and dragged the bag up the stairs.
Fuck yeah, take that Stupid Bags and all ye who posess them.

Talk about the decline of the human race. When did a tiny suitcase become too much to deal with? Your grandfather didn't fight in those 6 wars just so you could roll your bag around on a stick.

Toughen up, assholes.

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