Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time flies

Especially when you're busy travelling all around Europe and shit.

That's why I haven't written lately. We've been travelling our asses off and I haven't had time, nor have I wanted to take time out to write a post. Although now we have a lazy week in San Sebastian, Spain so I'm writing this so you know this isn't completely dead. It's close, but not completely.

Maybe when we get back hoem in November, I'll write about things more often on here.

In the meantime, just be thankful your keyboard isn't covered in weird-ass symbols and you have the @ symbol in a location that doesn't require you to have twelve fingers to get all the pertinent keys pressed. Also, who in the hell has a keyboard with a 'q' where the 'a' should be?
What are these? Foreign languages?
Ridiculous. I bet they don't even have normal food in these places.


Amanda said...

Woah. Freaky coincidence. I was just thinking about how I plan to take the scenic route back to Oz when I eventually decide to head that way, and about how my trip may just dwarf that of your and NBs (I like to think big, ignoring the fact it would be tricky, if not completely impractical), and all of a sudden, you reappear as if from the dead. That's mad, man.

Anyways, woop for the travelling. Come back to see us soon?

Fever Dog said...

I'm just sulking that I'm one of the left-behind guys :(

(but secretly pleased you're having kicks and fun times)

Fever Dog said...

I'm confused about what city had the hookers in corsets....

Dune said...

God damn Spanish keyboards. How dare the mess with the pristine QWERTY system!!

MUCHO missing you & Non-Blondie!

Mars said...

you better start posting again soon, or i'll delete you!

Jay said...

You can update again now.

By "can" I mean "must".